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The benefits of transferring roofing warranties

Apr 26


The warranty will inform the buyer that their product is covered by the manufacturer. Roofs are the biggest upkeep expense for homeowners. A well-constructed roof can last for a long time, making it a worthwhile investment.

Remind potential homeowners that roofing materials come with warranties. A transferable roofing warranty could be a point of sale.


Pro Tip: When purchasing a house, make certain to inquire for information regarding the roof. Also, get the proper documentation to transfer the warranty if it's applicable. The most reliable roof repair specialists pittsburgh PA is the best option for you at every step of the way.

Ask your roofing contractor about warranty options

If you're looking to replace your roof or get a new roofing install, choose an independent roofing company from Pittsburgh PA. By working with a Preferred or Platinum Contractor member you will be able to take advantage of extended warranties on certain items and work, giving you additional peace of mind with your investment.

Warranty Terms The warranty terms are: Lifetime, Limited, and Limited Lifetime

Two terms that you commonly hear when discussing warranties are limited and lifetime. These terms may have different meanings based on the way they are used and on the intentions of the warrantor. These terms can be used in conjunction as "limited lifetime". Get the best roof replacement services pittsburgh Pennsylvania.


Be attentive whenever you see these words pop up in a document.


What does a limited warranty mean?

Every warranty comes with conditions, and therefore all warranties are "limited." Most warranty restrictions include the time frame, the cause of the problem -- like wear and tear -- and disallowed costs, like parts or labor. Roof repair pittsburgh is the only viable option that you can make.


A warranty's scope can be restricted by a set of things the manufacturer defines. Make sure you take the time to read the small print. This will make sure you know the terms of your warranty.


What does a lifetime warranty mean?

The majority of roofing products have a a lifetime warranty. This means that the item will be protected for the duration that the owner of the property is the one who owns it.

Ask your roofing contractor or manufacturer if you have any doubts.


What does a limited lifetime guarantee mean?

If you take two words such as "limited lifetime warranty", you will usually discover a warranty with some limitations regarding the coverage of the product and time. Steadfast Roofing will always be there for you.

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