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This Complete Guide to Fixing Hail Damage on Commercial roofs

Apr 26


Flat roof contractors are usually involved in flat roof repairs. If the problem is not fixed, they can become flat roofing replacement contractors. Flat roofing Toronto is subject to the unpredictable effects of hailstorms, and are a huge problem for commercial business owners. However severe the hailstorm, even a slight storm can cause damage to the roof's watertightness. The effects of hailstorms aren't limited to the roof and the damage to buildings could be as sure as the sun rising. Commercial roof repairs could be expensive and detract from the daily activities of your business. One of the most important reason to choose a professional roofing contractor like Cadillac Roofing to help with repairs for the problems that hailstorms cause.

Factors that cause hail damage to commercial Roofs

Materials for Roofs

The materials used to construct commercial roofs can be vulnerable to being damaged. If you are using an aluminum roof, you can expect dents to occur during a storm. Different materials react differently. If the roof is made up of asphalt compound, punctures can appear after the impact of a hailstorm. You can find an organization to replace your roof near me.



Roofs age like any other thing and will eventually begin to lose their luster. A hailstorm can accelerate the damage as damage builds on a roofing system. The roof's ability to protect the commercial structure is affected by a combination of damage and age caused by a hailstorm.


Dimensions and Density of the Hailstones

When Mother Nature is hurling baseball-sized hailstones on your roof, it is the equivalent of using a 10-pound sledgehammer to smash your roofing system. Your roofing system wasn't designed to take this kind of beating, and it'll fall victim to the force of the hailstones and the density within the stones. A thing to keep in mind about hailstones is that they have jagged little edges that can be a nightmare for a TPO or EPDM system as they will endure punctures through which water will enter the system without fail. The only Woodbridge Roofing Company is able to offer the highest level of support and assistance.


The wind is definitely an important factor in the damage that hailstones do to a roof. The speed and intensity that the wind's blows can direct hailstones. The power with which the wind moves will surely help hailstones in the damage they cause to roofs.



In the event of a hailstorm barriers can be of great assistance. Awnings, trees, and others can limit damage to commercial roofing systems. They can help absorb the force of hailstones.


What to Know About Hail Damage on Commercial Roofs

Affects of Hail Damage

  • A damaged gutter will indicate the effects of hailstorms, and you might not know it unless you get on the ladder and get a bird's eye view. Big dents are the indications you're looking for following a hailstorm. But be aware that smaller pock-mocked indentations will also signify that the gutter has been damaged due to hail.

  • Damaged siding and window sills will reveal hail damage, and the result will look like this the dings and dents that weren't there prior to the storm may be signs of damage. Find piercings on the window sills made of metal and siding. These are entry points for water to come in should you fail to fix them.

  • In the aftermath of a stormy hailstorm, damage to outdoor air conditioners and furniture can be seen. The damage can be seen as pitting or pock-mocks on outdoor furniture. Should you see your air conditioner's indentations on the plating, contact your insurance provider and file an claim.

  • Damage to decks or painted wood surfaces will self-evident when you examine them visually. Decks and painted surfaces will appear to have an ombre pattern because the paint where the hailstones were impacted will be removed from that area.

  • Do not forget to examine the roof vents as well as other elements, such as a skylight, to see if they are damaged. Metal vents will reveal a slit where the hailstones have made an impact on the skylight, while your roof will have cracks if the hailstorm was extremely intense. Once the vent is dented, it can grow into a crack and become another source of water entering cracks in a skylight. To get assistance from a professional for woodbridge, please call us at

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